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Selected Artists 
Jean - Marie Biwer

Born 1957, lives and works in Luxembourg. 


Over the past four decades, Jean-Marie Biwer has developed a body of figurative work that reflects a sensitivity to the world around him: both in terms of his immediate environment – the Ardennes countryside in the north of Luxembourg – and in relation to society in general. His works address subjects that are well established in the traditions of painting including landscape, the body and still life. Yet they also question the role of painting within a world that is dense with images and information. Faced with the proliferation of screens and moving images and the acceleration of the pace of life, Biwer seeks to make paintings that hold the intensity of the present moment, creating a space for contemplation.

Text © Mudam Luxembourg

Monique Becker
Born 1958, lives and works in Luxembourg.
Monique’s works are dominated by dynamics and energetic hand movements as well as a high degree of spontaneity and usually include large-scale formats in black and earth tones. An inspiration to her professors, the Austrian painter Hermann Nitsch, as well as the German painter Markus Lüpertz can certainly be seen in her work. Her works evoke a sensual intensity and are charged with emotions. For Monique, color is understood as a substance, as spillable, sprayable, smearable matter. The artist brings forth a vibrant festival of colors and inflamed movements that captivate the viewer. She is expressing freedom and a joie de vivre by superimposing and the coexistence of paint layers and materials. During the painting process a close contact with the canvas is essential. 
Jorge Galindo

Born 1965, lives and works in Borox (Province of Toledo), Spain.


Jorge Galindo is a Spanish contemporary expressionist artist that produces large-scale gestural works. For more than thirty years the artist the artist brings forth boldly colorful and gestural paintings. He is well-known for his huge flower works that are painted onto the canvas in an energetic spontaneous way. Galindo’s flower works are a modern representation of the classic still life brought to a monumental size. His monumental canvases border on are close to gestural abstraction due to their size and the very spontaneous gestural-expressive character leaving certain elements to chance. The artist has had numerous exhibitions abroad and has an exciting upcoming exhibition in collaboration with the filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar at Hall Art Foundation.

Raymond Hains

Born 1926 - 2005 in France, lived in Paris. 


Raymond Hains is widely regarded as one of the most important French artists and joint founder of the Nouveau Réalisme movement (1960) of the second half of the twentieth century. Along the experimental work on photography and film that he first developed in the 40’s and 50’s, Hains is well-known for his affiches lacérées: from 1949 he started to use found torn posters from the streets in creating hypergraphics and ready-made "paintings". Hains’ work explores the world through its underlying linguistic framework, applying himself to the freedom of destruction and reinvention that language itself allows him. Defining himself as an inventor rather than an artist, Hains based his methods on deductions and comparisons, starting out from a systematic creative deconstruction of the world around him.

David Matthew King
Born 1981, lives and works in New York, USA.

Born 1981, lives and works in New York, USA.

David Matthew King is an abstract american artist born in California. Having studied English Literature (BA and MA) his works are greatly influenced by his study path comprising music, performing, teaching and writing. King’s works spread a strange feeling of joy, they are playful as well as intense and serious always maintaining a childlike curiosity. With his art the artist tries to find answers to problems for which there are no answers. His paintings are about "being human in a time when being human too often seems taboo". King’s minimal abstract paintings are dominated by warm and cool primary colors bringing forth bold colors, lines and shapes on a white canvas.

Eric Mangen
Born 1983, lives and works in Luxembourg.
The artist’s powerful, abstract and gestural approach to painting, which is very much about movement and energy and in close relation to action painting, generates a dynamic and rhythmic yet poetical and sculptural body of work. In the artist’s spontaneous approach there is always a fragile line between controlling the accident and the actual accident. His artworks are greatly influenced by external stimuli and his studio environment. This can be seen strongly in the series he produces abroad. During his travels and residencies, these stimuli permeate his work, such as the power of the Australian sun, which is reflected in vivid and powerful colours in his works, the unrestrained life energy of the New York streets leaves an unrestrained flow of work in him and series of works are emerging where the artist reinvents himself continuously. 
Soumisha Dauthel 

Born 1960, lives and works in Paris, France.

Soumisha's works are the outcome of encounters of pictorial expression and research on the shape of the painting. The artist has developed a process that allows her to construct her paintings in a disconnected way. She assembles her paintings from different periods, brings them together and connects the "Temporalities and territories of the act of painting" to offer unexpected associations. She privileges the practice of painting while questioning its components. This treatment of painting corresponds to her personal mythology of the crossing of cultures. With her assemblages she finds a new approach to painting that is her own.

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